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About VeryHairy.net - Social network

VeryHairy.net - Social Network is a continuation of Veryhairy.net site, which operated from June 2001 to February 2014.

The transition to VeryHairy.net social network took place 01/03/2014. The transition was necessary because upgrading the old website was no longer possible. On this day the old site became inactive (without the possibility of adding new content ) and will remain 01/09/2014. After this date the old site was completely removed. All members were invited to register for a new VeryHairy.net - Social Network which follows the trend of the modern social networks. Data transfer from the old site was possible, but due to the privacy policy was not carried out.

VeryHairy.net - Social Network is a free and friendly network for socializing adult hairy men and those who love them. Nudity is welcome, pornography is forbidden!

What can you do on VeryHairy.net Social Network?
- Create your profile, publish your own photos into albums
- Add videos from from other websites
- Add your favourite links
- Create your own blogs
- Post in the forums
- Create groups
- Create events
- Ask questions
- Comment, like, rate, share all public content from other users.

Interactions with other users:
- Sending short messages with attachments
- Adding users to your contact list
- Talk with your freinds and video chat
- Send virtual gifts
- Invite users to your groups, events
- ...
At newsfeed are displayed all public interactions of your friends. All your own content and interactions can be edited or deleted by you any time. Your profile can be edited or deleted by you only.

When adding new content it is necessary to respect the terms and conditions of use.

Feel free to participate in our community.
VeryHairy.net is SAFE and FREE social network.


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