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The hairest ethnic on the world | Forum

helios Donators
helios Sep 21 '14
Always wandering which is the hairest ethnic on the world. The country with the hairest ethnic should be a paradise for me :-)
rickinphx Sep 26 '14
Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Cuba, USA, Australia. All seem to have some exception men to desire.
admin Admin
admin Sep 27 '14
What about Armenian and Georgian guys? They seems to be hairy too.
IvoTomas Oct 1 '14
most Portuguese are very hairy too
helios Donators
helios Oct 2 '14
I agree with you Ivo
FPandrad Oct 3 '14
Yep, me too. Shame there's not a lot of them around here =P
admin Admin
admin Nov 5 '14
many french guys are very hairy too. :-)
youngster Sep 24 '15
I would say the turks are the hairiest though
fetish4hairy Sep 25 '15
I find it very interesting to get the opinions of others on which group/nationality seems to have the hairiest Men. Turks are very hairy if they would only stop shaving the genitals which I find very ugly. Iranians, Armenians and so on can
be so gifted in the hirsute domain.  I would love to hear the opinions and findings of others and even see some photos. It is a subject that gets me quite excited. I have asked myself these same questions all of my life.
Thank you/Merci!
FurLover58 Dec 1 '16
Spain has the hairiest men in the world.
Anyway, all over the European side of the Mediterranean basin, extended from Portugal to Iran, you can find the most hairy men.

fetish4hairy Dec 2 '16
I find that very interesting. Our quest to find the hairiest Men goes on.
tokentravels Dec 12 '16
I don't understand when I see very hairy men that shave their pubes. I'm ok with a shaved nutsac. But the bush? That is sacred!!!
fetish4hairy Dec 12 '16
I so agree that the hairy bush is sacred. It is just so so beautiful, hairy bush and the hairier the hotter too.  No bush NO service, eh!!
tokentravels Dec 13 '16
I love going down on a guy with a nice bush. Swallowing down to my nose in the bush and smelling this musky odor. It's intoxicating
Daddy50 Jun 14 '18
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HairyMusclePup Jul 24 '18
I'd agree that Turkish men are the hairiest (from my experience). 

 Armenian men have also been some of my hairiest encounters. Not only do they have a thick pelt of hair covering their chest/back/shoulders, but they also have thick all-natural pubes. As said above, nothing is worse than going down on a guy and finding out he trims or shaves his pubes. I should be pulling hair from my teeth after giving a BJ lol. And to top it off, all the Armenian guys were balding (because I like my men covered in fur everywhere, except their head. I love looking down and seeing a buddy with a big bald spot, as he slurps on my cock. 

hairy38 Mar 26
Albanians guys are very hairy too 

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