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How many smooth guys are on here? | Forum

hairyrob4296 Jan 15 '18
Hi to everyone

Just wondering how many smooth guys (or guys with little hair on chest, stomach, beard ...) come here.

Would you like to be hairy/hairier yourself or do you just like seeing, feeling, rubbing etc. the hairs on other guys?

I myself love being hairy and always love the difference between smooth and hairy - how about you?

luvhairymen Jan 16 '18

I am smooth but I luv hairy men. luv the feel of hairy men

luvhairymen Jan 16 '18
yes I would love to be hairy. it seems to me a lot of hairy men like hairy men
hairyrob4296 Jan 16 '18
well, I  love smooth guys myself ... like you :-)
hot4vryhry Apr 13 '18
I have little body hair and a major body hair fetish! I saw my friend father naked and achieved my first erection watching him chance out of his regular clothes into a wet suit. After that I would call my friends house and if his father answered the phone,  I would tell him I loved him then hang up. I've been searching for that man all my life( so to speak) someone that hairy. He was covered in curly black hair  from neck to toe front to back and had the hairiest ass cheeks and hole I've ever seen. I wish I was hairy. Seems most hairy men do prefer other hairy men.
ircentaur May 7 '18
I used to be moderately hairy, and I loved it. I had cancer a couple of years ago. I survived the cancer, my hair didn't. When it grew back in, there was only about a quarter of what was there before and it's super fine now. So what's there doesn't even look like it's there, which sucks. I do love hairy men though. My partner is a little hairier than I am, which is nice. But I always dream of the times I was with really hairy men and loved every second of it. 

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