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danny108 Apr 7 '18
Hi guys, I'm 34 but have had a head of salt and pepper hair since my late 20's which I've grown to embrace. In the last couple of years my body hair has started to grey to the extent now that the middle of my chest hair and about a third of my bush are grey. What age did you body hair grey and did you embrace it or did it cause you to trim or dye it?
Nickbright Apr 8 '18
I was rather sad when my chest hair started to go grey from the neck downwards. I used to like having thick dark hair showing when my top buttons on my shirt were open. Now it's less obvious in some lights due to it being greyer but it's me and ive accepted it. The hair is still plentiful on my body ... Just none on my head which ive also embraced !!!
Bushman Apr 30 '18
My chest hair is starting to grey, mainly around the centre of the breast plate area. Whilst it's sad in a way to loose the hue I am gaining volume as the chest hair thickens out, so there's a kind of compensation there. It's natural, as is body hair, so I'm going with the grey flow!
danny108 May 3 '18
That's great to hear you are embracing it!
Philip1749 Dec 21 '18
Frankly I never thought about when my body hair began to gray. It just sort of happened. Premature gray runs in my family. I can tell you this. I admire older men with gray body hair, and I admire younger men with natural color hair everywhere as well. The important thing is to accept yourself as you are, and realize that all body hair on a man is sexy and beautiful.


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