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birdinthebush27 Aug 1 '18

I'm a hairy guy from India though looking at my face and bare arms one would not think so! I revel in my body hair and full bush and just wish it could be thicker and fuller! Any suggestions on that count??At one time I used to jokingly refer to m,y pubes as my Luxurious Presidential Suite, when George Bush Jr. was in the White House!

I love the feel of my fur and take great care to keep it soft and velvety. Daily shampooing and conditioning works with regular oiling  thrown in for good measure!

Cheers to all the rest of you guys that  take pride in being hairy!

HairyMusclePup Dec 18 '18
Hey buddy! Fellow proud hairy guy here. I have a full bush and am covered in hair (everywhere but my balding head). I have several extremely hairy Indian friends, who also naturally have quite bare face and arms. Not sure if it is a genetic thing. Hope your fur keeps getting thicker and fuller...no such thing as too hairy! 

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