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Hairy Locker Room and Gym | Forum

HairyMusclePup Sep 29 '18
I remember going to the YMCA gym at age 12, admiring all of the many hairy naked in the locker room. Almost every single guy (20+) had pubes and at least a splattering of chest hair; with several of the guys being total hairy apes. I wanted to look like these guys so bad. I didn’t just want a hairy chest; I wanted hairy shoulders and back, all natural pubes, beard, and all the works. These hairy guys were the epitome of masculinity. As I got older (up until age 18, before leaving for college), I would continue to show off my hairiness and new fur whenever possible: shirtless in the weight room, playing a pickup game of basketball (team skins), and the locker room. Throughout those years, I asked many of those hairy guys for “guidance” asking how I could get as hairy as them, how hairy were they at my age, how guys my age made fun of me for how hairy I was, etc. The guys loved the questions and would always respond positively, encouraging me to be a hairy man. Now, when I walk into the locker room seeing shaved or trimmed pubes and body hair is the norm. Men don’t confidently walk around naked without care, group/open showers have been replaced by individual private stalls, men don’t (or aren’t allowed) to lift shirtless (like they were just ~13yrs ago). However, I’m not going to let societal norms or smooth boys dictate what makes me a man. At age 29, I still proudly walk around naked in the locker room; my thick bush and fur-covered ass is for all to see, I run my hands through my hairy chest frequently, and shower as publicly as possible. Regardless, plenty of hairy guys will chat me up about being hairy. Just the other day, I was naked stretching at my locker before hitting the sauna and a hairy naked guy in early 50s comes up to his locker (close to mine) and jokingly says at least he’s not the only hairy beast today. I chuckled and commented that while I’m hairy, I still have a long way to go before being as hairy as him. He asked a bit stunned, “you sure you want to be this hairy?” “Absolutely.” I replied confidently, “There’s no such thing as too hairy.” From there, he and I chatted it up a bit more before we both went to the sauna. We sat right next to one another, fully exposing our cocks and pubes, noting that all of the guys in the sauna were furry as well. It felt awesome to be surrounded by a bunch of fellow furry fuckers. From there, the 50something and I hit the showers. Both he and I got a bit aroused, with a semi-flacid Cock. He casually stroked his dick several times, which I responded by stroking my Cock slowly. He and I remainded under the showers for another 20min waiting for the area to clear out (as it was the end of the evening). Once we felt private enough after taking a peek around the locker room, we returned to the showers and jerked off together. It was awesome; jacking my Cock as I watched this buddy covered in a thick pelt stroke his cock watching me. We didn’t say much, primarily just jerked our dicks and rubbed our nipples and fur, locked eyes with one another the entire time. I could feel my balls getting tight as I knew I was about to cum. He encouraged, “shoot your load” as I pumped several ropes of cum out of my cock (which fell onto the wet tile floor and down the drain). Not even fifteen seconds later, he growled, “I’m cumming” as he Dick spurt cum all over my lower stomach and pubes. After that, we finished showering off and changed; with plans to repeat our gym fun again soon.
Pavor Oct 2 '18
Man That is One Sexy Experience !. Almost had Me coming as I was reading it . Thanks
HairyMusclePup Oct 18 '18
Woof, wicked glad to hear that buddy! Would love to make you cum (and cum with you). I prefer older married hairy buddies to explore with anyhow. They know what they're doing and have shown me the ropes. 

And if you liked the above, you would've loved seeing me at the gym this afternoon at one of my alternate gyms: Planet Fitness in the Bronx (with mostly latin and middle eastern guys). After stripping down and changing for all to see in the men's locker room, I proudly showed off my pelt underneath one of my oversized Gold's Gym Y-string tank tops. My thick silver chain glistening in my dark hair, big fat eraser nipples jutting out, complemented by my pelt spilling out of the tank top at every opening.      Normally Planet Fitness doesn't allow "lugs" or "lug clothing"...which usually means the staff will come up to me shortly after starting my workout and make me change into a t-shirt or a very covering tank top, as to not make the other guests feel uncomfortable. However, I find that laughable, as seeing a big hairy grown man in the gym isn't going to make anyone uncomfortable. If anything, seeing a furry fucker is encouraging and helps motivate other men to be manlier.)       I walked into the weight room and was pleasantly surprised to see approx three dozen guys (mostly teens-early 30s) split up and lifting in smaller groups. Most of them were also wearing tank tops, with plenty of chest and body hair exposed. I walked up and grabbed the 50lb dumbbells for standing curls, appropriately grunting deep with each rep; the four furry teenage boys standing next to me watched my set intently. I continued to power through my arm workout, pumping my biceps and triceps. After a sweaty 90min lifting session, I headed back into the locker room and stripped down to shower. The maintenance/cleaning guy standing a few feet away from me nodded with a chuckle, "Well this explains why I have to unclog man hair from the shower drains at least twice a week!" I laughed and said that looking around the locker room, I clearly wasn't the only culprit (as all of the ~8 other men in the locker room were quite hairy as well; five of the eight with hairy backs and shoulders). The cleaning guy admitted he's also to blame for the clog, as he pulled down his t-shirt neck to reveal a thick forrest of hair sprouting right up into his beard. After chatting a bit more with him, I hit the showers (which are a series of private stalls with a curtain for privacy. I could clearly hear the familiar rhythm of water as someone was jerking off in one of the four occupied showers. I picked a shower between two occupied, standing naked as I discretely caught glimpses of both neighbors (as neither one fully closed their curtain). Both men were extremely hairy - with fur covered chest, shoulders, backs, and pubes. The older of my two neighbors finally noticed my glance and began gently tugging on his semi-erect cock. I continued to watch as he casually stroked for ~30 seconds before turning his back to indicate the show was over. I hopped into my shower and began pulling on my cock thinking about the older hairy man next door. I heard the water stop and a curtain pulled back, my other neighbor exiting from his shower stall only to catch me jerking my rock hard cock exposed by my half-open curtain. He looked around before darting into my shower and closing the curtain tightly. He reached his hand out and began stroking my hairy cock as he moved his mouth down to my nipples, sucking them aggressively. After a minute of that, he dropped down to his knees and slurped my cock right up, burying his face in my pubes. As I let him know I was going to cum, he pulled his mouth off my cock, told me to shoot in his mouth, and stock out his tongue. I shot several thick ropes of cum all over his beard and mouth. He licked and wiped up my cum quickly, before hopping back out of my shower. While we didn't communicate any further in the locker room, I noted he had put a wedding ring on. I love exploring with hairy married discrete men. 

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