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Nudist life style

Nudist life style

Do you like to be naked on the beach, in the nature, with friends or alone? Great! You are nudist. Lets come together and share your experiences.
  • Created: Apr 8 '14
  • Admin: helios

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Jan 6
Wish I could meet guys in San Diego, California! Hairy is manly! Hairy is best!
Feb 19 '18
naked is the best way to live.
Feb 5 '18
Like to hang naked (at home). Shirt-cocking (aka Donald Ducking) is a fave, b/c it's kinda nudist but mostly sexual exhibitionism. I like my hairy man-cock & balls hanging free and on display for the whole household to ogle.
Oct 4 '17
Love to be naked whenever I can. Nudist married here.
Sep 30 '17
Love to have my cock and balls hangin' free
Sep 9 '17
Anyone in Fort Lauderdale?
Sep 8 '17
Anyone on the Basque coast ? / Alguién en la costa vasca ? / Quelqu'un sur la côte basque ?
Jun 27 '17
MMMmmm! I sure would!
Jun 24 '17
I love being naked alone and in public , love just the felling of being naked but also love other people seeing me naked
Jun 10 '17
Hell yes... come to my back yard... naked entrance fee
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