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How old you become hairy? | Forum

Topic location: Forum home » Hairy forum » About my body hair
helios Sep 21 '14
I was quite late: beard and moustaches when  was 18 years, the chest with age of 20, legs a bit earlier.
blueray Sep 22 '14

Beard was "nice" around 20, chest hair around 20 too, back hair around maybe 23, but hairy arms and legs around 16. Some called me bear around that age because of my legs. :)

My brother had all that around 14, luck man! :)

mark753 Oct 7 '14
Well,I have hair all over my body since I was 14. Now I'm 19 and i only don't have  back hair
hairyrob4296 Nov 8 '14
I started chest hair at about 15/16 ... wish I had A LOT more I must say! :-)
FurryBack Nov 9 '14
chest and shoulders around 16, back hair soon after, maybe 18?
Luvsemhairy Dec 6 '14
I'm not very hairy, but love this topic.  Love to hear about when very hairy men got hairy.  To hear their hairy story.  Hope to see more posts.
Sanduzzo Dec 21 '14
I was covered in fur by the age of 12....including legs, arms,chest, stomach, back, knuckles and toes.and crotch.
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Davidp Dec 23 '14
Legs when I was 14, my hairy butt 18

Chest hair (wish I had more) around 22

PITS Sep 20 '15
I had hairy pits 9.5/ 10yr, hairy chest filled out 11 to 13 and back from approx 11 to14/15...
hairyladd11 Oct 12 '15
I was 12 when hair started on chest. Was real thick by 14. Covered by 16. Head to toe
amor Oct 22 '15
i always had lil hairs all over my body but get very dark first in my ass and legs when i had 18 is going to grow in my arms and i know when i turn maybe 40 im going to had it in the chest and my back :D but for now im only 23 i had hair in my chin very shaggy style ggg
tokentravels Nov 17 '16
I didnt get hairy until I was in my 20s. Pubes came in ok in my teens, but I always wanted a hairy chest, I think it finally came in when I was 25-16. I love it and love when men enjoy it too!
PITS Mar 17 '17
I had very hairy pits and chest and back hair at 11-12 and was fully hairy in my torso region by 15, so I got the nicknames 'PITS' and 'SASQUATCH.'
hairybob010 Apr 3 '17
I never realised how hairy I was untill this incident: I know I felt very uncomfortable when I was about 14 and my mother said when I was in shorts, "your legs are getting as furry as your dad's" Then when I had my introduction weeks at University we went swimming with about 60 co-students and I suddenly realised no one was as hairy as I was, also because it obviously turned on one of the older students LOL
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hairyweasel87 Apr 7 '17
i was 13 when other boys started noticing it on me.
CuBByinga Apr 16 '17
Chest hair started when I was 11. By 14 I was hairier then most of my male teachers.
Hairyface123 Apr 26 '17
Pubes at 12 and chest at 17 covered in hair by my 20s . Tried shaving and waxing my back and balls but give up as too uncomfortable now staying hairy
berniekub Apr 29 '17

It has been the biggest disappointment in my life that i'm not hairy

ok I have hairy legs and butt

but  smooth else where . I started to notice hairy men when I was about 10

and couldn't wait until I could grow great sideburns and have a hairy chest but just never happened . I so much admire u really hairy guys . I  guess I get to look at great men even though i'm not hairy

it still upsets me even now at 56  that i'm not hairy

Daddy50 May 10 '17
When I turned 15 years old

Nickbright Sep 3 '17
Legs, pubes and arse at 13. Noticed guys in the showers after sport at school staring and got really self conscious. Chest hair developed more from about 16 and back hair mid twenties. It hasn't stopped since!
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